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February 19 Cover
The February issue of Culture Wars features:

E. Michael Jones on Werner Heisenberg and Jewish Science, Part 2

Justus Chrysostom on Will World War III be unleashed in the Ukraine

Jim Crow on The White Guy Unmasked

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Cover ImageBeyond the Bomb: Werner Heisenberg and Jewish Science by E. Michael Jones. Winner of the Nobel Prize in physics in 1932, Werner Heisenberg's faith in science remained unshaken despite the atom bomb. Science was another word for truth to him. Did this apply to Jewish science? Heisenberg had defended Albert Einstein against the attacks of Nazi physicists who complained of his "Jewish science." But was the Jewish science of psychology deployed after the war to destroy the moral fiber of the German people "true"? Because Heisenberg could read the ancient Greek philosophers in their own language, he must have understood the importance of Logos, and his term "central order" or "central realm" was meant to convey that term to a German-speaking audience. If so, his understanding of Logos was shorn of 2,300 years of development. Usurprisingy, then, Heisenberg had little effect on the crucial issues facing the Federal Republic during the time of his greatest cultural influence. Heisenberg, as a defender of Jewish physics during the Nazi era, could have made a significant contribution, but there is every indication that he would have considered participation beneath the dignity of a Nobel Prize laureate. But, as Mike Jones discovered while hiking in the mountains of Bavaria, the silence surrounding the tragedy is about to end. $14.99, paperback; $9.99 e-book. Read More/Buy

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