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March 15 Cover The March 2015 issue of Culture Wars features:

E. Michael Jones on The Culture Wars Come to India

Michael Timmons on The Party of Faux Conservatism

Bullets by James G. Bruen, Jr.

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Barren Metal CoverBarren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury, by E. Michael Jones. The carnival atmosphere at Zuccotti park was deceptive. The naked woman having her body painted red and the drum circle, like the false reports in the main-stream media demonizing the protestors for having sex in their tents and shitting on the sidewalk, were sideshows that distracted from the real meaning of the Occupy Wall Street protest, which could only be deciphered by reading the small, hand-made signs of the protestors. The city block that encompassed Zuccotti Park was lined with people holding home-made signs, most of which dealt with economic issues. “Debt is slavery” was a common theme, with special emphasis on student debt. “F**k unpaid internships” was another. There was focus, even if no one could articulate it: This protest was about the conflict between usury and labor. The Occupy Wall Street protestors couldn’t articulate their plight because they lacked the moral vocabulary necessary to do so. Barren Metal is an attempt to return the science of economics back to where Adam Smith found it when he wrote The Wealth of Nations, back to its proper matrix in moral philosophy. Now in Stock. Read More/Order

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