Response to Jason Critchlow, Chairman of the Democratic Party of St. Joseph County

by E. Michael Jones

On Tuesday, June 16, Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced in an op ed piece in the South Bend Tribune that he was a practicing homosexual. One day later, Peter Helland and I did a show on the mayor’s announcement on Israel, a local cable access TV program. After seeing this program, the South Bend Leadership Coalition, a local group of Black clergymen, met to express their outrage at the mayor’s announcement and at the end of the meeting asked me to speak in their name at the press conference which they held at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church at 10:00 AM on the morning of Friday, June 24, 2015.

I mention this because Jason Critchlow, chairman of the Democratic Party of St. Joseph County, denounced me as “a well-documented racist” on their facebook page less than a week after the press conference. The charge is preposterous. Anyone who actually saw the press conference on either WNDU or WSBT could see that the same Black clergymen who asked me to speak for the South Bend Leadership Coalition were literally standing behind me and the statement I was making.

When a reporter announced that the Supreme Court had just issued its gay marriage decision and asked how it felt to be on “the wrong side of history,” I said that if there were ever an institution that has been consistently on the wrong side of history it is the United States Supreme Court. I then turned to those same ministers and asked them if they felt that the Dred Scott decision was on the right side of history.

Why then did Mr. Critchlow make his absurd claim about my “overt racism”? Well, because he wants to distract the voters of St. Joseph Country from the real issue, which is the homosexual hijacking of the civil rights movement, the destruction of representative government in the city of South Bend and State of Indiana, and the fact that sodomy is a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance—all of which I mentioned in my talk, all of which Mr. Critchlow passed over in silence in his hurry to convict me of “overt racism.”

Shortly after announcing that he was a homosexual, the mayor flew out of town to attend a political rally in Indianapolis. The implication of his actions was that this announcement somehow laid an important issue to rest. We, the South Bend Leadership Coalition, disagreed then and we continue to disagree now. Far from resolving the issue, the mayor’s announcement raised more questions than it answered. His silence combined with Mr. Critchlow’s pathetic attempt to avoid the real issues has exposed a pattern of subversion and mendacity that has plagued his administration from the beginning.

His statement of June 16 makes clear that the mayor has deliberately withheld crucial information that the voters of South Bend needed to make an informed choice when they went to the polls four years ago. Had the mayor announced that he was a homosexual when he ran for office the first time, that information could have influenced the outcome of that election and, even more importantly, the passage of the gay rights ordinance after he was elected.

Far from laying this issue to rest, the mayor’s announcement has created a crisis that goes to the heart of our political system. The people of South Bend need to know whether the people they choose as their elected officials are in fact representing them or whether they represent outside interest groups or lobbies who are using people like the mayor and the homosexual movement he represents as covert instruments of social control.

The Democrats like to portray themselves as the friend of the Black man, but after the mayor got elected under false pretenses, the Buttigieg administration engaged in the deliberate marginalization of the Black community in favor of other groups whose existence we didn’t know about until the mayor made his announcement. To give just one example, the local Black police chief was replaced by a mercenary from Tajikistan. The Black community is still frozen out of government contracts. Are those contracts now being handed out to homosexuals?

This is just one of the questions I raised at our press conference and for having the temerity of raising it, the chairman of the local Democratic Party accused me of “overt racism.” The charge is patently absurd. It is Pete Buttigieg and his minions who have declared war on the Black community in South Bend, and they have done this by hijacking the rhetoric of the civil rights movement and applying it to sodomy, the sin that cries to heaven for vengeance, the sin that these Black ministers condemn as wrong. We need to know the full extent of this subversion.

Critchlow’s absurd allegation of racism is meant to distract all of us from asking the other embarrassing questions I raised at our press conference, questions like: Is homosexuality now a consideration in hiring or in the granting of government contracts? Is support for the homosexual agenda now a requirement for employment or for the receiving of government contacts? Do homosexuals get favorable treatment when they apply for jobs or government contracts? Are other members of the Buttigieg administration homosexuals? If so, would they be willing to share this information with the public and explain whether this affects their ability to function as civil servants?

Is the police chief a homosexual?

Mayor Buttigieg and his underlings have shown that they have no intention of answering these questions. Instead, the Democrats seek to defame the messengers who bring the bad news and ask questions they know the mayor can't answer.

What do the Democrats fear? They fear unity. They know that their power depends on dividing the community along racial lines. Our witness—Black and White citizens of South Bend standing in solidarity on the firm ground of God’s moral law—is their worst nightmare come true.

E. Michael Jones

South Bend, Indiana

June 30, 2015

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E. Michael Jones on the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana's Announcement that He is Gay (June 2015)

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