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Some Dare Call It Treason

Jeff Gates, Guilt by Association: How Deception and Deceit Took America to War (Santa Barbara, CA: State Street Publications, 2008), $27.95, 287 pp., Paper, LCCN# 2008908446.

Reviewed by Ken Freeland

“Guilt by Association makes treason transparent,” advertises the blurb on the back of this book.  And if I were limited to so brief a summary, these are exactly the words I would choose!  This book is a many-splendored thing, and I hope in the space of this review to be able to convey the enormous import of this book, and why you need to buy not just a copy for yourself but copies for all your loved ones and for anyone you seek to educate about the threat America’s involvement with Israel poses not just to American values, but to our national security and to our survival as a nation.


Yes Israel and its Zionist Fifth Columnists in America are our real national enemy, yes they do “hate our freedom” and our putative ideals, yes they represent a genuine threat to our national security (unlike Iraq, Afghanistan and  the myriad other countries towards whom they and their minions have adroitly pointed our guns), and yes they are immensely powerful, but yes, in the end, they too have feet of clay and the basis of their power can be understood and undermined and no, even the Jews themselves are not monolithic in support of racist Israel, as recently attested in the pages of Culture Wars by Israel Adam Shamir (whose roots are Russian-Jewish) and in the recently published, superlative work Overcoming Zionism by American Jewish writer Joel Kovel (in which he identifies the chief culprits as “power Jews” and baldly avers  that “Israel does not have a right to exist”),   if any proof were needed on this score after the prodigious groundbreaking work of the late, great Israel Shahak (who is frequently cited by Gates – it cannot be stated too often that not every Jew is a Zionist, and not every Zionist is a Jew; and we fail to recognize at our peril that anti-Zionist Jews number among our most important allies, and some non-Jewish Zionist sympathizers turn out to be our most dangerous enemies, especially when we fail to recognize them as such).   But the Zionist project is part of a larger criminal conspiracy which is, in fact, an OPEN conspiracy, that bewilders even as it beggars the American body politic.  In order to overcome an enemy we must first understand who and what he is, what his purpose is, how he operates.  It is the great value of Guilt by Association that it brings out into bold relief the nature, identity, methodology and support system of this nefarious criminal syndicate; what has been “hidden in plain sight” for so long is finally made accessible to any open-minded reader.


This author is quick to pooh-pooh the already classic Walt-Mearsheimer study of the Israeli Lobby as too soft on Israel.  While there is no disputing the accuracy of his criticism, we should also consider how much of a watershed event the publication of The Israel Lobby was, and how it paved the way for more radical efforts like this one, which pulls no punches about Israel’s perfidy.  Despite Jeff Gate’s own considerable credentials (author, educator, attorney, financial policy advisor to 35 countries and counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance for seven years), the fact that those two professors made the subject academically respectable certainly has created a wider audience for bolder critics of the “special relationship.”  But in strictly political terms, if Walt and Mearsheimer’s work was the icebreaker, Guilt by Association is the magnificent flagship following in its wake.


As with any groundbreaking work, much of this author’s effort is expended in a kind of Confucian “rectification of names.”  Part of the reason the average person cannot see this enemy operating in plain sight is due to the power of that enemy to distort the names of things, so that people are conceptually unclear about what is happening right in front of their noses.  These “masters of discourse,” as they are so appropriately termed in Israel Adam Shamir’s book by that title (of which this reviewer was an editor), are helpfully termed by Jeff Gates “the people in between.” In between what?  First of all, in between our perceptions and the facts:  “That gap – that domain between facts and beliefs-- is where the people in between wage unconventional warfare.” When we grasp their aggressive and nefarious intent, it becomes easier yet to understand why  Zionist Jews aggregate in Hollywood, in the world of public relations and advertising, and in the media generally:  “The game theorists identified in this account lay mental threads and manipulate the mental environment by shaping perceptions that become consensus opinions.  By steadily displacing facts with that people can be induced to believe, the people in between amplify the impact of deception, enabling the defeat of an opponent with vastly superior resources.”  By way of deception thou shalt make war, dontcha know?.  The “īnfo-tainment” industry consists of molding perceptions, and those whose purpose is to cover the tracks of the “enemy within” will do all in their power to use these positions to inculcate a belief system in the sheeple that effectively prevents them from recognizing and defending themselves against an enemy who must operate in plain sight -- Jews good, Arabs baah, baah, bad.... Roll over George Orwell. There are other ways in which these same perpetrators serve as the “people in between,” but they are less germane to this book’s immediate purpose.  Suffice it to add that the so-called “consensus economics” of the Chicago School, dominant in America and everywhere else our legions plant their ensigns, is part and parcel of this criminal enterprise, and effects the deliberate transfer of wealth from everyone else to them.  Both our blood and our treasure must be fully expended on behalf of the Zionist project, and along the way, for the personal enrichment of its principals.  Do those in our government who aid and abet this Zionist conspiracy deserve the name of traitor?  Jeff Gates says yes they do.


Even more nuanced is this author’s concept of “fields within fields,” which I do not hope to be able to fully convey in this limited review.  Much of the book is spent demonstrating how this syndicate “operates with a common criminal focus coordinated around a shared ideology.”  It is difficult not to think about the enigmatic Kennedy assassination when we read: “ Evidentiary trails in this area seldom run in straight lines...Also, ‘prepare-the-minds’ incidents, events and relationships are often pre-staged over lengthy time periods, making barriers to transparency even more daunting.”  How much more difficult to face down an enemy that uniquely entrenches itself in four dimensions. “...(S)yndicate operations are diffused and sustained in ‘fields within fields...within fields’ of relationships that stretch across time, distance and both major political parties.  This field-based structure enables systemic criminality to proceed in plain view and oftentimes with only modest coordination around shared goals.” The subtlety of such an enemy is almost as breath-taking as this author’s ability to describe it in words.  Yet until we arrive at this conceptual clarity, we remain enmeshed in this enemy’s grip.  This idea of fields within fields will not be new to those who have read Michael Collins Piper’s classic study of the Kennedy Assassination, Final Judgment, but Gates’ crisp formulation of it here will fortify the understanding of even the most advanced conspiracy cognoscente.


Meyer Lansky 1

Zionism cannot be understood apart from the history of organized crime.  Gates starts us out with a lengthy and helpful definition of psychopathy, a mental disorder invaluable in understanding this criminal mindset.  He then traces the history of organized crime in America, beginning with Meyer Lansky, and demonstrating how this Jewish syndicate has operated with cover provided by Italians and Sicilians.  Mobster money, we should remember, funded the original Anti-Defamation League, and mobsters also served as the original gun runners and financiers of the embryonic State of Israel, which, in its earliest incarnation, was a collection of terrorist gangsters (the Irgun, the Stern Gang, etc.).  Yes, it’s true that the Zionist project has religious underpinnings of Judaism and corrupt forms of Christianity (so-called Zionist-Christian churches), but its keynote is not religion, and it is not race, and it is not even ethnicity, it is rather a self-interested criminal syndicate which has a very advanced knowledge of game theory, and uses false-flag operations and personal corruption to make the world its oyster. Zionist Israel is simply a visible excrescence of this worldwide conspiracy, but it is hardly its font.


Some of the most helpful nomenclature of all is the author’s breakdown of the level of involvement of the various actors in this treasonous conspiracy, which is coterminous with the level of knowledge each has  about the purposes of the supportive action assigned:  Agents  possess the conscious mental state that connects their mind to a crime.”  Assets are people profiled such that, within an acceptable range of probabilities, they can be relied upon to behave consistent with their personality profile.lack the conscious intent to commit a crime.” (Clinton’s behavior with Lewinsky is given as a textbook example, though, as we shall see, he was not the first US president to be controlled this way.) “Sayanim play an essential support role.  Hebrew for volunteers or helpers, sayanim are shielded from culpability by being told only enough to perform their narrow role ... Mossad recruiters ensure they are kept ignorant of the intended result.”  Once we understand how the criminal Zionist network is organized, we are able to identify its agents, assets and sayanim as they are deployed in our midst.  The author reminds us that former Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky wrote that there were 7,000 sayanim on which the Mossad could rely in London alone.  When we multiply this by the population size and the political importance of the United States to Zionist designs ... well, you do the math.


One simply has to read the book itself to learn how this criminal syndicate, corrupt politicians (especially John McCain), international financiers, Russian “oligarchs” (who are almost entirely Jewish in case you didn’t know), and this vast support network of agents and volunteers coalesce in an ongoing attack against America, in order to advance the designs of Zionist traitors in our midst --- and  to learn exactly who in our government is responsible for investigating and prosecuting these treasonous activities... an important adjunct since the book’s stated aim is to activate the citizenry in our own defense. Guilt by Association, writes its author, “shows why the presence of organized crime and extremism inside government requires that Americans revisit our duty as citizens if we hope to remain free.” 


In passing I would like to focus for a moment on a subject I found most galling of all:  It is probably not news to most Culture Wars readers that that first military attack by Israel against the United States was the bombing and strafing of the USS Liberty during the 1967 “Six-Day” war, an apparently botched false-flag operation (the Egyptians were to be blamed after all possible survivors of the attack were slain in order to assure that no alternative explanation would be forthcoming), and that the cover-up of this heinous war crime was ordered  by Lyndon Baines Johnson (hey, hey, LBJ, how many American sailors did you kill today?). But readers might be interested to learn that a key figure in the cover-up was John McCain’s father, then commander-in-chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe., who crippled the official investigation into that atrocity. 


But the real shock comes when we learn that LBJ took the meaning of “sleeping with the enemy” to new heights.  To quote Gates from his “CriminalState” webpage (for a superb browsing experience check out  “ On the night that the Six-Day war broke out, former Irgun terrorist Mathilde Krim was servicing Lyndon Johnson’s needs in the White House where she spent the night.”  Apparently, LBJ was in the habit of visiting this blonde bombshell at her private hutch on her neighboring ranch when her husband was away.  She and her husband were frequently consulted by Johnson regarding the content of his speeches and policies that served to permanently entangle America’s future with Israel’s.  Here we have a textbook case of an “asset” and an “agent,” so that when Israel murdered 34 US sailors and wounded 174 others in cold blood and destroyed a US intelligence ship in international waters, and a president would betray his country by covering up this act and then by denying a just hearing to the survivors of that brutal air assault on their defenseless ship, we see also appreciate the extent to which LBJ was being manipulated  by this modern Mata Hari and other Zionist agents who had gained access to the corridors of his Israel-friendly administration.  Guilt by Association is enough to make any patriot’s blood boil. 


And it is doubly galling for those of us who spent the Johnson Era out in the streets protesting his criminal war against Vietnam to learn that what the Zionists promised Johnson in exchange for his support of their aggressive 1967(which is, let’s not forget, was when the Occupied Territories were occupied): an easing of the criticism of his war effort in America’s mainstream media!  Let anyone who still bristles at the suggestion of undue Zionist-Jewish influence in our mainstream media consider this:  how could they have promised and delivered such muting of journalistic criticism if they did not in fact have effective control of that media?  And one wonders to what extent this censorship prolonged that war, and how many additional American and Vietnamese lives were lost....while Irgun agent  Mathilde Krim led the President of the United States around by his   Yet who was charged with lack of patriotism?  Not this treasonous s.o.b. of a Zionist asset in the Oval Office.  No, that epithet was reserved for those who protested his aimless and ever-escalating war in Indochina.  If that’s not enough, wait till you see the picture on page 76 of that other sellout Zionist asset, Bill Clinton, awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mathilde Krim 23 years later.


It would simply be impossible to recommend this book too highly.  It belongs in every American library and on every American’s bookshelf.  Reading it will, as Noam Chomsky suggests, leave you “breathless,” and I would add that it will also leave you hankering for its sequel, to be titled Criminal State, which is due to be published very soon.  It is very difficult to believe that author Jeff Gates could outdo himself with this next book, but I for one cannot wait to see if he does.CW

This review was published in the July/August 2009 issue of Culture Wars.

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